Token Allocation and Utility:

Lither's token allocation and utility strategy form the foundation of our blockchain ecosystem. We've carefully allocated tokens to various purposes to ensure fairness, sustainability, and the empower

  1. Cloud Mining (50%): Half of the total token supply is dedicated to cloud mining, providing an accessible opportunity for users to mine Lither tokens and participate in network security.

  2. ICO (5%): A small portion of tokens is allocated for an initial coin offering (ICO) to fund development and attract early investors.

  3. Liquidity (10%): Ensuring a liquid market, 10% of tokens are allocated for liquidity provision on decentralized exchanges, fostering smooth trading.

  4. Ecosystem (10%): These tokens are reserved to build and expand the Lither ecosystem, including partnerships, integrations, and dApp development.

  5. Community Mining (0.5%): A fraction of tokens is set aside for community mining activities, encouraging active participation and engagement.

  6. Airdrop (1%): Lither believes in rewarding the community. We allocate 1% of tokens for airdrops, offering surprises to our dedicated users.

  7. Founder (10%): The founding team is committed to the project's success, with 10% of tokens allocated. These tokens will have a vesting period to ensure alignment with the project's long-term goals.

  8. Advisor (5%): Advisors play a crucial role in shaping our strategy. We allocate 5% of tokens for advisors, also subject to vesting.

  9. KOL's (Key Opinion Leaders) (5%): Building a strong community requires influencers. 5% of tokens are reserved for KOLs who actively contribute to Lither's growth.

  10. Private Sale (3.5%): To fund early development and partnerships, a small portion of tokens is available through private sale events.

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