Lither Coin introduces an innovative way to mine cryptocurrency directly from your mobile device. This approach democratizes the mining process, allowing anyone with a smartphone to participate in the creation and distribution of Lither Coin. This guide will explore the nuances of Lither Coin mining, including mine details, airdrop specifics, referral benefits, and the unique miner tags system that rewards community involvement and growth.

Mine Details

Lither Coin mining is designed to be accessible and straightforward. Every user starts with a mining speed of 0.001 LTH/Hour. To continue mining, users must engage with the app daily, pressing the mining button every 24 hours. This system ensures active participation within the Lither community. The total supply of Lither Coins available for mobile mining is capped at 1 crore (10 million), with a halving mechanism in place after every 10 lakh (1 million) coins mined, gradually reducing the mining speed to sustain the coin's economy.

Airdrop Details

Upon registration, new users are warmly welcomed with a 2 Lither Airdrop, kickstarting their journey into the Lither ecosystem. This initial boost is designed to encourage new miners to engage with the platform and explore the various features and opportunities for earning more Lither Coins through mining and referrals.

Referral Details

Lither Coin mining rewards users for growing the Lither family. By inviting friends and family, users can significantly increase their mining speed, with increments set according to the number of people they successfully refer. This system not only enhances individual mining rates but also fosters a sense of community and collective growth. The detailed referral program outlines the increased mining speeds based on the number of referrals, incentivizing users to spread the word and expand the Lither network.

Miner Tags

Recognizing the contributions of its community members, Lither Coin introduces Miner Tags—distinct categories that users achieve as they expand their Lither family through referrals. These tags range from Miner to Killer, each offering increasingly lucrative referral airdrops. This tiered system rewards users not just for their mining efforts but also for their role in community building and engagement. Additional benefits and perks are associated with each category, underscoring the value Lither places on its active community members.

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