Airdrop Details

Crypto airdrop is a widespread practice within the cryptocurrency space where blockchain projects distribute a certain amount of their tokens or coins to a large number of users for various purposes. These purposes can range from promoting a new project, building a community, or rewarding loyal supporters. Airdrops are typically conducted by taking a snapshot of a blockchain's ledger at a specific block height and distributing tokens to addresses that meet certain criteria. They can be a way to introduce people to a new digital asset without requiring them to make an initial purchase.

At Lither, we embrace the concept of crypto airdrops as a means to welcome and appreciate our users. Upon signing up for our platform, we're thrilled to offer every user a 2 LTH airdrop as a special welcome bonus. This airdrop is our way of saying thank you for becoming part of our community and participating in the growth of the Lither ecosystem.

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