Before proceeding further into the contents of this document, it is imperative to acknowledge the significance of reviewing this disclaimer. Our White Paper has been meticulously composed in clear and understandable language to facilitate readers in comprehending its contents. It serves as a comprehensive source of information about the Lither Ecosystem/Platform, aiding readers in making informed decisions regarding potential involvement in our projects. However, it is crucial to recognize that our White Paper should not be interpreted as a contract or an offer of sale from Lither to external parties. The plans, forecasts, or projections outlined in this whitepaper are still evolving, and some of the estimates and projections may constitute future claims that have not yet materialized. These estimates are inherently speculative and subject to uncertainty, which may result in disparities between the documented content and real-world developments.

We cannot guarantee the completeness, reliability, relevance, or accuracy of the information presented in this whitepaper. None of the material found in our documents can be considered as historical truths. All statements and assumptions are based solely on predictions and do not provide any guarantees. The available information is based on the time of its creation, and our whitepaper remains subject to potential revisions as needed to comply with regulations or enhance our projects. Various factors, including technical constraints, legal and regulatory matters, shifts in the market/industry landscape, and corporate decisions, can influence the success of projects on our platform. Therefore, Lither reserves the right to modify this whitepaper at any time for any valid reason.

The information provided in this document is intended to be indicative and should not be construed as a reflection of Lither's plans or intentions. If you are considering participation, please be aware that we do not offer any form of advice. Our whitepaper is purely an information-sharing document and does not provide financial, tax, legal, or any other form of advice. We strongly recommend seeking guidance from a qualified professional before making any decisions.

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